Evolv City Inner Tube 8.5" x 2"

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Never fear a flat tube again! Replacement or extra 8.5″ tyre tube for the EVOLV electric scooters.

Compatible with the EVOLV City front tyre and the EVOLV Tour v1 & v2 series.

Please read which tube type and valve angle is right for your scooter. 

Regular Tubes

45-Degree Valve Tubes
INOKIM Light (Front & Rear Wheel)
EVOLV Tour Version 1 (Front & Rear Wheel)
EVOLV City (Front Wheel)


Slim Tubes

45-Degree Valve Tubes 90-Degree Valve Tubes
INOKIM Light 2 (Front Wheel) INOKIM Light 2 (Rear Wheel)
EVOLV Tour 2.0 (Front Wheel) EVOLV Tour 2.0 (Rear Wheel)

(fitting available, please ask)