Evolv Tour Inner Tube 8.5" x 2"

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Never fear a flat tube again! Replacement or extra 8.5″ x 2" tyre tube for the EVOLV electric scooters.

Compatible with the EVOLV City front tyre and the EVOLV Tour series.

Please read which tube type and valve angle is right for your scooter. 

Regular Tubes

45-Degree Valve Tubes
INOKIM Light (Front & Rear Wheel)
EVOLV Tour Version 1 (Front & Rear Wheel)
EVOLV City (Front Wheel)


Slim Tubes

45-Degree Valve Tubes 90-Degree Valve Tubes
INOKIM Light 2 (Front Wheel) INOKIM Light 2 (Rear Wheel)
EVOLV Tour 2.0 (Front Wheel) EVOLV Tour 2.0 (Rear Wheel)

(fitting available, please ask)